India the first club

ROTARY ORGANIZATION. Rotary is an International NGO,having history of 110 years established on 23rd Feb 1905, byr Paul Harries, a Lawyer by profession in Chicago, USA. Rotary is spread over 200 countries, more than 34000 Clubs, having 1.2 million members. Rotary gained, understanding of humanitarian issues through International services. In India the first Club was established on 1st Jan 2020, has just celebrated centenary year.,having more than 3000 clubs. What Rotary Does : Rotary members believe that they share responsibilities to take action on the worlds most persistent issues : #promote peace; #Fight disease; #provide clean water,sanitation and Hygiene; #Save mother & Children; #Support Education; #Grow local economics; Rotary believes in Friendship and Fellowship , thus gains confidence of people. The flagship project of Rotary is “Polio Eradication”. All through the years Rotary stood with the respective Govts to fight against Polio. One may wonder, the task of Polio eradication is that of Government… what Rotary does? It is to be appreciated that, Rotary strengthened the hands of Govt., by supplementing certain area of operations viz., providing food, transportation, shelter to the personnel on job. You will appreciate that due to Hand in Gloves service support by Rotary, you will see 100% Polio eradication, barring stray cases in South Africa & Pakistan. Rotary gained name and fame Internationally, for it’s transparency in maintaing financial health. Rotary deploys 97% on Project execution, only 3% on management operation. This is possible because of the sacrificed service extended by devoted Rotarians. For Rotarians …. Service means.. doing social work without expectation in return. Rotary also believes in identification of “Haves’ and Havenots’ ” and getting them connected to “Give and Take. ” Thus both are satisfied. The theme of 2019-20 is…. Rotary connecting the world. #During the 2017-18, flood havoc, 138 house got built & distributed in Coorg district, Karnataka, India to rehabilitate , homeless disastrous people. #Now, it is the time of COVID 19 atrocities in entire Globe. As a matter of gesture, the Rotary team of Zone 7 & 8 stand with the Corona warriors viz., Doctors and their assistants are provided with Food and Shelter(as they cannot go to their residences). Though the Central and State govt., is providing facilities, somewhere certain vacuum is created, which being plugged by Rotary Organization. Thank you. M Prabhakara. Secretary Rotary Mysore Brindavan, Mysore