Mysuru testing for covid was unsatisfactory D.C.


*Turnaround in Testing in Mysuru *

Mysuru testing for covid was unsatisfactory throughout September.

Against target about 45% was being done.

Testing is critical to identify covid patients early and give them medical treatment. Also it prevents spread of covid

Now Mysuru has ramped up and started doing more than 100% target daily.

On 7th Oct 124% was achieved.

Special testing teams and Officers posted for Mysuru city and also rest of the district.

Mysuru city is divided into 4 zones for COVID management and senior officers posted with team.

Mysuru will continue to do all efforts for COVID19 control.

District Administration requests all citizens to (1) Wear Masks (2) Observe Social Distance & avoid crowds (3) Maintain hand hygiene.

Rohini Sindhuri IAS
DC Mysuru