.  Dt: 05.03.2023


Train No. 07395/07396 DEMU Special trains running between Ballari and Harihar have been re-routed via Munirabad-Hosapete bypass instead of the existing route Hosapete-Tungabhadra Dam with effect from March 8th, 2023. This will benefit devotees going to Huligemma Temple, Munirabad. These train timings have been revised as follows:

There will be no change in the timings of Train No. 07395 Ballari-Harihar DEMU Special train from Ballari to Hosapete. This train arrives at Munirabad Station at 9:35 a.m. and departs at 9:40 a.m. and will arrive/depart Tungabhadra Dam at 10:01/10:02 a.m. instead of 09:39/09:40 a.m., Vyasanakeri at 10:14/10:15 instead of 09:51/09:52 a.m., Vyasa Colony at 10:29/10:30 a.m. instead of 10:09/10:10 a.m., Mariyamanahalli at 10:41/10:42 a.m. instead of 10:19/10:20 a.m., Hampapatnam at 10:57/10:58 a.m. instead of 10:34/10:35 a.m., Hagaribommanahalli at 11:12/11:13 a.m. instead of 10:49/10:50 a.m., Malavi at 11:24/11:25 a.m. instead of 11:01/11:02 a.m., Kotturu at 11:55/11:56 a.m. instead of 11:34/11:36 a.m., Bennehalli at 12:08/12:09 p.m. instead of 11:49/11:50 a.m., Harapanahalli at 12:24/12:25 p.m. instead of 12:04/12:05 p.m., Teligi at 12:42/12:43 p.m. instead of 12:20/12:21 p.m., Amaravathi Colony at 01:03/01:05 p.m. instead of 12:41/12:42 p.m., Davangere at 01:20/01:30 p.m. instead of 12:55/01:05 p.m. and arrive Harihar at 02:00 p.m. instead of 01:45 p.m.

Similarly, the timings of Train No. 07396 Harihar-Ballari DEMU Special train from Harihar to Ballari have been revised. The train will depart from Harihar station at 02:15 p.m. instead of 02:00 p.m. and arrive/depart Davangere at 02:30/02:40 p.m. instead of 02:15/02:25 p.m., Amaravathi Colony at 02:50/02:51 p.m., instead of 02:36/02:37 p.m., Teligi at 03:13/03:14 p.m. instead of 02:57/02:58 p.m., Harapanahalli at 03:32/03:33 p.m. instead of 03:13/03:14 p.m., Bennehalli at 03:48/02:49 p.m. instead of 03:28/03:29 p.m., Kotturu at 04:04/04:05 p.m. instead of 03:45/03:47 p.m., Malavi at 04:28/04:29 p.m. instead of 04:09/04:10 p.m., Hagaribommanahalli at 04:39/04:40 p.m. instead of 04:20/04:21 p.m., Hampapatnam at 04:53/04:54 p.m. instead of 04:34/04:35 p.m., Mariyamanahalli at 05:08/05:09 p.m. instead of 04:53/04:54 p.m., Vyasa Colony at 05:19/05:20 p.m. instead of 05:03/05:04 p.m., Vyasanakeri at 05:30/05:31 p.m. instead of 05:14/05:15 p.m., Tungabhadra Dam at 05:43/05:44 p.m. instead of 05:29/05:30 p.m., and arrive Munirabad at 06:05/06:10 p.m., Hosapete at 06:20/06:30 p.m. instead of 06:05/06:10 p.m., Gadiganuru at 06:54/06:55 p.m. instead of 06:34/06:35 p.m., Toranagallu at 07:04/07:05 p.m. instead of 06:44/06:45 p.m., Daroji at 07:13/07:14 p.m. instead of 06:54/06:55 p.m., Kudatini at 07:22/07:23 p.m. instead of 07:04/07:05 p.m., Ballari Cantonment at 07:39/07:40 p.m. instead of 07:22/07:23 p.m. and arrive Ballari at 08:10 p.m. instead of 08:00 p.m.


Due to the re-routing of DEMU Special train Nos. 07395 and 07396, the timings of the following trains have also been revised, as detailed below:

*1. The revised timings of Train No. 06245 Hosapete – Harihar Daily Passenger Special with effect from March 8, 2023.*

Accordingly, this train will depart from Hosapete at 04:50 p.m. instead of 04:25 p.m., and arrive / depart Tungabhadra Dam at 05:01/05:02 p.m. instead of 04:35/04:36 p.m., Vyasanakeri at 05:14/05:15 p.m. instead of 04:49/04:50 p.m.,Vyasa Colony at 05:32/05:33 p.m. instead of 05:05/05:06 p.m., Mariyamanahalli at 05:44/05:45 p.m. instead of 05:15/05:16 p.m., Hampapatnam at 05:59/06:00 p.m. instead of 05:31/05:32 p.m., Hagaribommanahalli at 06:12/06:13 p.m. instead of 05:44/05:45 p.m., Malavi at 06:23/06:24 p.m. instead of 05:54/05:55 p.m., Kotturu at 06:45/06:46 p.m. instead of 06:23/06:25 p.m., Bennehalli at 06:59/07:00 p.m. instead of 06:40/06:41 p.m., Harapanahalli at 07:15/07:16 p.m. instead of 06:59/07:00 p.m., Teligi at 07:35/07:36 p.m. instead of 07:17/07:18 p.m., Amaravathi Colony at 07:58/08:00 p.m. instead of 07:40/07:41 p.m., Davangere at 08:13/08:15 p.m. instead of 07:50/07:52 p.m., Tolahunse at 08:28/08:55 p.m. instead of 08:10/08:30 p.m. and arrive Harihar at 09:50 p.m. instead of 09:45 p.m.

*2. The revised timings of Train No. 07398 Ballari – Hosapete DEMU Special with effect from March 8th, 2023.*

This train will depart from Ballari at 08:20 p.m. instead of 08:10 p.m., and arrive / depart Ballari Cantonment at 08:25/08:26 p.m. instead of 08:15/08:16 p.m., Kudatini at 08:38/08:39 p.m. instead of 08:26/08:27 p.m., Daroji at 08:47/08:48 p.m. instead of 08:36/08:37 p.m., Toranagallu at 08:55/08:56 p.m. instead of 08:44/08:45 p.m., Gadiganuru at 09:06/09:07 p.m. instead of 08:56/08:57 p.m. and arrive Hosapete at 09:55 p.m. instead of 09:45 p.m.

Passengers are requested to note the revised timings of these trains.

Aneesh Hegde
Chief Public Relations Officer
South Western Railway, Hubballi