Other highlights of Chief Minister’s speech in Vidhana Parishad



*Other highlights of Chief Minister’s speech in Vidhana Parishad*

In 2012, at the BJP’s national executive meeting in Lucknow, PM Modi had said that ‘the UPA government is a threat to the Federal system’. But we say that ‘Narendra Modi is a danger to the Federal system’

I don’t say anything without statistics. If the criticism of the opposition is correct, we are bound to rectify it

3.64 % was allocated to the state in the 15th Finance Commission. It is a 1.07% decrease compared to the 14th to 15th Finance Commission. Only Rs. 12 is given for every 100 Rs

There is a huge difference between Narendra Modi’s words as Chief Minister and as Prime Minister

If the state protests against injustice in tax devolution, Modi said democracy is in danger

He insisted on getting 50% of the tax share as Gujarat’s CM. Accordingly, we are now asking for our share. We have lost Rs. 1,87,000 crore from the Centre.

We are demanding as the share given by the centre is not enough for that the development of poor, Dalits and women of the state.

The 15th Finance Commission had recommended to allocate Rs. 5495 crore as per the interim report But in the final report, a total of 11495 crores should have come to the state, including PRR and development of lakes, and special grants. The Union Finance Minister did not agree to provide this grant to the state

Nirmala Sitharaman who was elected to the Rajya Sabha from the state did not agree to provide 11495 crore

Although the Union Budget has announced Rs. 5300 crore for Upper Bhadra project in the budget of 2023-24, no grant was released

Former CM Basavaraja Bommai had announced that in the background of becoming a national project, the centre has announced Rs 5300 crore for Upper Bhadra project

Out of which not a single rupee has been released till today i.e., 21st February

With regard to the upper Bhadra project, myself and the DCM, have met the concerned Minister in the centre . Let the BJP help the government to get this grant from the centre

Let us demand the centre for Rs 11495 crore under BJP’s leadership, our aim is to do good for the people of the country

If proper grants had been received from the Centre, more guarantees and development could have been given to Dalits, Adivasis, women and weaker sections

Memorandums were submitted on 20-10-2023 and on 16-11-2023 for drought relief
crop damage in 48 lakh hectare; Rs. 18171 crores as per NDRF have been requested from centre
Rs 324 crore has been released for drinking water and Rs 867.87 crore has been released to all Deputy Commissioners. The State Government made arrangements for drinking water and fodder and has released Rs 3,39, 000 for farmers and Rs 628.05 crore for providing a temporary relief of up to Rs. 2000 for farmers

Shakthi Scheme was launched on June 11th. So far, 160 crore women have travelled for free

Grihajyoti has benefited 1.60 crore families since its launch in July. Under Annabhagya, rice is being provided to 1.38 crore families with the aim of making the state hunger-free. Although the centre did not agree to give rice, instead of 5 kg of rice, we are paying Rs 170

1.21 crore women have registered under Grihalakshmi and 1.17 crore women have received Rs.2000. Women are empowered economically

Launching the Yuvanidhi scheme under which Rs 3000 is provided for unemployed youth who have passed Degree, Rs. 1500 for Diploma on Vivekananda’s birthday, Rs 7.34 crore has been credited to beneficiary accounts so far
The Prime Minister, who had said that if the guarantees are implemented, the state will go bankrupt, is now announcing guarantees
Food production in the state was estimated at 111 lakh tonnes this year. But now it is estimated that 93 lakh tonnes can be produced due to drought.

Guarantees help people in such situations

The price of a dollar is Rs 83.09. During Manamohan Singh’s tenure it was Rs. 58.50. What is the reason for this inflation? Is Congress responsible for this? Is Manmohan Singh still the reason

The RBI report says that 61.6% of the population has less than 5000 monthly income according to the Consumer Confidence Index, which has worsened compared to previous years

India stands at 115 in 125 countries list as per the WHO’s Hunger index

Our tax – our right slogan resounds in the council

The Chief Minister was explaining the injustice happening in the distribution of share from the centre to the state. While explaining the Centre’s stance of not giving a single rupee to the state even during drought, the BJP members put forth their arguments before the council and staged a walk out

Meanwhile, the ruling party Congress members shouted the slogan